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Please forward any Class of 1957 information, photos, upcoming events, deaths, etc. you would like to share with classmates by sending to Jerry Stebelton at gls91339@gmail.com

LHS Class of 1957 – Memorial Scholarship Fund


We are pleased to announce that our efforts to reach a minimum goal of $60,000 for this fund have been achieved. The total contributions to this fund (plus accrued earnings) now stand at $72,595.06 (thru June 30, 2017).

The Fairfield County Foundation will continue to receive gifts in memory of deceased classmates, annual donations and testamentary gifts that are specifically designated for this scholarship fund. For the benefit of future LHS graduates we encourage each of you to consider continuing to donate as your personal situation permits. The larger the fund, the larger will be the amount of the scholarships to be awarded.

We want to thank each of you who have generously contributed and made this dream a reality. What is most impressive to me is that we achieved our goal in slightly more than three years! You are truly an amazing group of people.

In response to the Foundation’s annual request, our classmates donated $8,974 to the fund during a 31 hour period on December 1 and 2, 2020. As a result of those contributions the Foundation donated from the Zimpher Fund the sum of $1,300.02, our percentage of the $31,000 based on the total amount given to all funds during that 31-hour period.

Thanks to all you who have contributed to this fund since its inception in October 2017. To date we have assisted four LHS graduates in reaching their educational goals.

For more information, visit our Memorial Scholarship Fund page.

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